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 Raw Results for 4/5/10

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PostSubject: Raw Results for 4/5/10   Raw Results for 4/5/10 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 11:45 pm

Monday Night RAW Results for 4/5/2010

Winning the 8-man Battle Royal on last week's WWE NXT, David "A-List" Otunga ran the show tonight. How appropriate he was the man to run the show with his celebrity status and background, given the list of celebrities who have run Raw before him. With the Raw logo shaved into his hair, he made sure that this episode of Raw was one that fans would remember for some time.

Just after the All-American American made his intentions known to move immediately to SmackDown for "better competition", Jack Swagger's "State of the Championship" address was cut short at the top of the show by John Cena, who claimed that Swagger, unlike Cena, did not deserve his World Title. He said that if Swagger was a real champion, he would prove his worth as a champion in a match, and challenged the World Heavyweight Champion to a match that night. He was so sure he would beat Swagger, that he promised to make Swagger submit just as he did to Batista at Wrestlemania, and put his own World title, the WWE Championship, on the line to raise the stakes. Randy Orton came out and told Cena that if Swagger wanted to prove his worth, he would face the very man who beat him last week... Randy Orton himself! The United States Champion The Miz even came out to put in his two cents into the discussion. Guest Host David Otunga then appeared to sort the mess and make the following matches: Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger in a return match from last week. AND, for the Unified Tag Team Titles: Champions Big Show and The Miz vs. WWE Champion John Cena, AND BATISTA!

Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston
In what was another display of ruthlessness from the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus defeated Kofi Kingston in dominating fashion. He then proceeded to attack Kingston with his lead pipe after the match, much like he did to Triple H last week during Triple H's address to the retiring Shawn Michaels last week. Apparantly, however, Triple H was not going to take the attack lying down... literally. He came out to approach Sheamus, and just when it seemed Triple H had met his match and he didn't want any more of the Celtic Warrior, he pulled out his signature sledgehammer and attacked his bitter enemy, sending the former WWE Champion running.

Eve won a "Dress to Impress" Battle Royal
Dressed in sequin evening gowns, the Divas of Raw did battle in an Over the Top Battle Royal, with the winner facing the Divas Champion Maryse next week for the title. As Maryse looked on at the commentary table, Eve last eliminated Jillian to win and move on towards a title match with the Canadian Champion next week.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions ShoMiz def. WWE Champion John Cena and Batista via countout (Unified Tag Team Title Match)
In a situation anyone could see from a mile away, Batista was simply not up for holding Unified Tag gold with the WWE Champion. As Cena went for a tag, Batista walked out on his rival and made his way up the ramp. Not one to take "no" for an answer, Cena ran after his "partner" and made multiple tags, in the form of punches, and gave The Animal a reason to walk away, as ShoMiz retained via countout. Not one to be satisfied with poor performances, "Mr. NXT" David Otunga came out and made a 2nd title match for the Tag Team Champions. THIS TIME, their opponents were: WWE Champion John Cena and David Otunga!

Ted DiBiase def. Christian
Last week, Christian defeated Ted DiBiase in a Legends Lumberjack match, after the fight between the Legends, which involved DiBiase's father, recent Hall of Famer The Million Dollar Man, distracted the younger DiBiase long enough for Captain Charisma to take advantage and win the match. He then blamed his father and walked out. This time around, DiBiase came out with a new found confidence, a new moniker: "The Fortunate Son", and his father's Million Dollar Championship! This week, it was DiBiase putting Christian on a one-way trip down Dream Street and picking up the win.

Randy Orton def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (Non-title)
Just like last week, The Viper defeated The All-American American on Raw. It was not an easy victory however, as the champion put up a valiant effort and proved that he could very well hang with the big dogs in the WWE. But it was a counter out of the Gutwrench Powerbomb into the RKO that lead to Swagger's defeat. Although it was a non-title encounter, it no doubt sent a message to Jack Swagger, as well as a completely different message to WWE Champion John Cena.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions ShoMiz def. WWE Champion John Cena and David Otunga (Unified Tag Team Title Match)
Speaking of John Cena, he had a rematch against ShoMiz for the Tag Team Titles. This time, his partner was Raw's Guest Host: WWE NXT Rookie David Otunga. However, different partners only lead to a similar result, as Otunga left Cena high and dry and refused the tag just as Batista did earlier that night. The Big Show knocked Cena out for the three count and ShoMiz retained their titles TWICE in one night. Batista then came out to deliver a Batista Bomb, and a brutal message. The Animal was invoking his rematch clause, and the match was set: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules! And if tonight was any indication of the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV, we could see a new WWE Champion on the night after when Raw hosts the WWE Draft.
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Raw Results for 4/5/10
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