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 NXT Results for 4/13/10

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PostSubject: NXT Results for 4/13/10   NXT Results for 4/13/10 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 14, 2010 11:32 pm

NXT Results for 4/13/2010

In 4 weeks, another Pros Poll will take place, and we will bid farewell to one NXT Rookie. For now though, everyone is safe from elimination, and the NXT Rookies had nothing to worry about. That is, unless you consider the constant pressure of new challenges and impressing the WWE Pros and WWE Universe something to worry about.

Wade Barrett wins the Talk the Talk Challenge
Last week, the NXT Rookies began a new set of challenges to complement their in-rings tests each week. In their first challenge, they were told to walk the walk in a Keg Carrying Challenge. This week, however, they were asked to talk the talk. How appropriate that the challenge is named the "Talk the Talk Challenge". Each Superstar was given the opportunity to "verbalize their feelings and connect with the audience", an important aspect of being a WWE Superstar. Last week's challenge winner, Heath Slater, won main event match on NXT against Kane. This week's winner would win a trip to WWE Global HQ to help create his own entrance theme, and be allowed to use that instead of his respective Pro's entrance theme. With 30 seconds, each Rookie was asked to speak about a topic given to him, and the winner would be judged by the London fans. This week's winner was England's very own Wade Barrett, who will begin using his own entrance music as of next week. An interesting note is that Skip Sheffield was once again the runner-up in competition.

Christian def. Wade Barrett
Christian had a score to settle with Wade Barrett. Last time they were in the ring together, Barrett pinned Christian after an assist from Jericho. Tonight, Christian was looking for retribution. Barrett, however, was looking to stand out from the pack even further on NXT. From the get-go, Barrett dominated Captain Charisma. However, all it took was a distraction from Heath Slater, which was reminiscent of last week's actions by Chris Jericho, for Christian to turn the match around and capitalize with a Killswitch for the win.

William Regal def. Daniel Bryan
Prior to his match with WWE Pro William Regal, Daniel Bryan got a harsh lecture from his WWE Pro The Miz. While The Miz hasn't always been fair to the Rookie, it's hard to argue with everything he has said thus far in NXT. Considering Bryan's rediculous actions in the Talk the Talk Challenge earlier tonight, it was no exception this week. Like Miz or hate Miz, he makes good points. One of them is Bryan is winless. After this match, he is still winless at 0-8. William Regal won the rather quick match with the devestating Knee Trembler. Afterwards, The Miz knocked Regal out of the ring and delivered the Skull Crushing Finale to the "Susan Boyle of WWE", in Miz's words.

Darren Young def. Luke Gallows
Darren Young clearly wants the approval of his mentor CM Punk. But his action last week on SmackDown spoke to the contrary. This week on NXT, Young had a chance to prove himself to Punk, and was given an ultimatum: Defeat Luke Gallows, and his actions would be forgiven. Lose, and he loses his hair. Young won when it mattered most, and proved that he could hang with a WWE Superstar on his own. He went up to 5-2 and kept his hair. He may have also earned the approval and respect of his WWE Pro CM Punk. Punk raised Young's hand in victory and walked off with Young and Serena as Luke Gallows looked on in disbelief.
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NXT Results for 4/13/10
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