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 Raw Results for 4/19/10

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PostSubject: Raw Results for 4/19/10   Raw Results for 4/19/10 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 6:50 pm

Monday Night RAW Results for 4/19/2010

This week's Raw was really strange. For one, Triple H was one of, if not THE only Raw Superstar in the building. Add that to the fact that the ropes were white instead of the usual red, and Lilian Garcia made a one night return... and you had one heck of a unique evening. To add even more to it, SmackDown saw fit to take advantage and take over the show.

Before long, Triple H came out to the ring and jokingly explained the situation. He noted the volcano in Iceland that caused flights to be delayed, and the Raw roster to be stranded in Ireland. Before he could keep going, he was interrupted by the Straight Edge Society. They came out and Punk made some disparaging remarks about New Jersey, adding afterwards that if Punk is drafted, he will bring The SES with him. Triple H poked some fun at Punk and the Society, for Punk to respond by demanding Triple H join the Straight Edge Society just as Rey Mysterio will if Rey loses at Extreme Rules. The group then began to beat down The Game and tried to shave his head until Mysterio ran to the ring and helped fend off CM Punk and his followers. Rey even got a piece of Punk's hair with the help of The Game. Not long after, the main event of Triple H, Rey Mysterio, & Edge vs SES & Chris Jericho was announced.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy (Non-Title)
Matt Hardy has had his sights set on the Intercontinental Champion for some time now, and at every turn, Drew McIntyre has found a way to stop him. Tonight, the two met in a rematch, and once again, the first-ever Scottish-born Intercontinental Champion defeated Hardy.

The Undertaker def, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (Non-Title)
We previously saw a satellite address from WWE Champion John Cena, where he talked about his Last Man Standing Match with Batista at Extreme Rules. We saw a second address via the Titantron from the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton. Orton claimed that the World Heavyweight Championship would end up on whatever brand he is on after The Draft, as HE is walking out of Extreme Rules as the World Heavyweight Champion. Jack Swagger came out and said that Orton's talk is cheap when he is 3,000 miles away. He then issued an open challenge, claiming that he would show Orton what is in store for him at Extreme Rules. At first, no one answered. The lights went out and the ominous gong sounded, and The Undertaker entered the ring. Swagger and his surprise opponent had an excellent match, but it ended with a Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver, and Swagger's fate was sealed. Will Swagger also fall on Sunday when he faces Randy Orton at Extreme Rules? Or will the title stay with The All-American American.

MacGruber & "Khaluber" def. Vladimir Kozlov
Earlier in the night, MacGruber was confronted by Vladimir Kozlov regarding his treatment at the hands of the Raw Guest Hosts. MacGruber responded by hurling insults until Kozlov finally got fed up and challenged the Host to a match. MacGruber had R-Truth in mind, but when an explosion went awry, The Truth was no longer available. So MacGruber went to the ring, scared out of his mind. Taking the advice from Chris Jericho, he held out his hand to Kozlov, only to slap him in the face. This only made Kozlov angry, and he proceeded to beat down the SNL star. In came his alleged half-brother... The Great, er, Khaluber. Khaluber beat down the Russian bully and MacGruber won via countout when Khaluber chased Kozlov from the ring.

Triple H, Edge & Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Chris Jericho
In a match that stemmed from the events earlier in the night, Triple H, as Raw's solo Superstar, teamed with Edge & Rey Mysterio to take on The Straight Edge Society & Chris Jericho. In the run-up to the highly anticipated Steel Cage Match at Extreme Rules, Edge faced down his former partner Jericho, who punished his rival by crushing his ankle. Punk also sent Mysterio a message in the lead up to their Extreme Rules contest. The match, however, ended appropriately with Raw's Triple H pinning CM Punk after the Pedigree
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Raw Results for 4/19/10
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