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 Raw Results for 4/26/10

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PostSubject: Raw Results for 4/26/10   Raw Results for 4/26/10 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 6:26 pm

Raw Results for 4/26/2010

The 2010 WWE Draft edition of Raw featured a roster shakeup, as well as a Unified Tag Team Championship match. A number one contender for John Cena's WWE Championship was also determined at the end of the night.

The Hart Dynasty def. Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Big Show & The Miz
Show-Miz came out to the ring to start the episode, and The Miz, as always, had something to say. He badmouthed The Hart Dynasty and Bret Hart. Hart came to the ring to declare Show-Miz the greatest tag team of all time. He also said that if that were true, that The Mountie and David Arquette were the greatest Intercontinental and World Champions, respectively, of all time. He said that talk is cheap, and that The Hart Dynasty would prove they were the best. In a match that went back and forth, including some interference from Bret Hart when The Miz tried to use the ropes to steal the match, it ended after a Hart Attack and a Tyson Kidd inflicted Sharpshooter on The Miz. As if that wasn't enough, The Big Show took out his frustrations on The Miz and laid him out with a knockout punch. Safe to say, Show-Miz is over. Not so safe to say, The Miz just might shut up... yeah, not so safe to say.

Draft Match #1: Michelle McCool & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve Torres & Maryse
In the first match of the WWE Draft, it was a Divas Tag Team Match that featured Team LayCool faced the intriguing tandem of New Divas Champion Eve Torres and the former champion Maryse. While Team LayCool was on the same page, as always, the Raw team was anything but a team... early in the match, they got into it on the outside of the ring. Eve laid out Maryse and aimed to take on the SmackDown duo on her own. From that point, LayCool dominated the match, taking advantage of the lack of synergy between the Divas Champion and her bitter rival. Eve eventually fought back and mounted an offense, even willing to tag in her "partner" Maryse. However, due to her mouth, Maryse didn't see the attack from McCool, and with that, Team LayCool earned a Diva draft pick for SmackDown.
SmackDown drafts: Kelly Kelly

Draft Match #2: CM Punk def. Evan Bourne
CM Punk entered the ring alongside his Straight Edge Society with his hair intact, only meaning that Punk defeated Rey Mysterio. Tonight, he faced Raw's resident high-flyer, Evan Bourne. With the air of chaos that is Luke Gallows and Serena at ringside, CM Punk appeared to have the advantage at first, but Bourne mounted an offense later on. But, as previously noted, the air of chaos worked to Punk's advantage, as the same hooded figure from last night, or is it??, assisted Punk in beating Bourne, to earn SmackDown a second draft pick.
SmackDown drafts: Big Show

Sheamus then came out to address Triple H being out of action. He claimed that Triple H will not be drafted, as he will never wrestle again. Sheamus also made his intentions clear that he wanted the WWE title. Randy Orton then interrupted the Celtic Warrior, stating that if anyone would have a WWE titile shot, it should be him. After some arguing that almost turned physical, the Champ himself showed up. Cena addressed the two challengers, and made it known that he was the only one who could name a contender. He stated that if someone wanted it, they would have to earn it. So later on tonight, it would be Sheamus vs. Randy Orton in a #1 Contender's Match.

Draft Match #3: 10-Man Battle Royal
Ted DiBiase & Santino Marella
In a SmackDown vs. Raw Battle Royal, there were 3 draft picks on the line. Representing SmackDown was Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, Kane, and Shad Gaspard. Raw featured MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella, and the Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase. In this match, unlike a standard battle royal, this one was team vs. team, show vs. show. The battle royal started out even, with Drew McIntyre (by Yoshi Tatsu) and Yoshi Tatsu (by Shad Gaspard) eliminated first. After a stalemate, it quickly boiled down to Rey Mysterio vs. Ted DiBiase and Santino Marella. Santino was quickly taken down, but not out. In a back and forth effort, DiBiase and Mysterio made many attempts to eliminate each other, before "The Fortunate Son" finally outsmarted Mysterio. Santino Marella, who was never eliminated but sat to the side during the whole ordeal, then endured Dream Street after an unnecessary celebration.
Raw drafts: John Morrison, R-Truth, & Edge

Draft Match #4: Chris Jericho def. Christian
After losing to Heath Slater on NXT, and losing to Edge at Extreme Rules inside the steel cage, Jericho was in a foul mood, and was also at a loss for momentum. He came out and complained about his losses this past week, and called out Heath Slater and ordered an apology for being the "cause" of his losses. Slater actually came out to the ring, willing to face Jericho. Slater then apologized to Jericho, for not being able to beat him, Edge, or his Pro: Christian. After Slater threw Jericho out of the ring, the match soon started. Jericho was clearly out of it in this match, as Jericho was just not able to get on his game and gain an advantage. He did gain one later in the match, taking advantage of a mistake by the fellow veteran. However, after not too long, it became a back and forth match. The competitive match finally ended with a Codebreaker onto a midair Christian. After the match, Jericho assaulted Heath Slater and dished out a Codebreaker to the Rookie as well.
SmackDown drafts: Kofi Kingston

Draft Match #5: World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. John Morrison
In past weeks on SmackDown, these two have had multiple non-title matches, with Morrison coming out on top. This time, Morrison is representing Raw, and a draft pick is at stake. This match, like their last two, was a competitive match, with Swagger displaying his All-American collegiate prowess and Morrison complementing with his dazzling high-flying ability. The action spilled to the outside late in the match, and as the two top-caliber Superstars came back into the ring, they countered each other's finishers, and Swagger eventually won with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. With the win, Swagger finally defeated his rival, and brought an old rival to SmackDown.
SmackDown drafts: Christian

Draft Match #6: Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler via countout
In the final Draft match, Dolph Ziggler, representing SmackDown, faced Raw's resident leprechaun, Hornswoggle (still dressed in DX garb). The match appeared to be lopsided, but Hornswoggle actually won the contest early, throwing stuff at Ziggler while he was outside the ring. Despite earning the victory, the brash Dolph Ziggler had the last laugh, putting the diminuitive Superstar in the devestating Sleeper Hold.
Raw drafts: Chris Jericho

Batista def. Randy Orton and Sheamus to become the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship
This match was originally announced by John Cena at the beginning of the night to be a one-on-one match between Randy Orton and Sheamus to decide the #1 contender to The Champ's title. Prior to the match, Batista interrupted the two challengers, stating that he was the only one who deserved a title match. Cena answered this with adding Batista to the title match, making it a Triple Threat Match. The Animal proved that he deserved the title shot, only after Raw's newest Rated-R Superstar entered the match and Speared Randy Orton, allowing for Batista to take advantage and pick up the win. One can only wonder why Edge chose to cost Orton the match. With Edge on Raw permanently, we may find the answers soon enough.
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Raw Results for 4/26/10
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