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 Raw Results for 5/3/10

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PostSubject: Raw Results for 5/3/10   Raw Results for 5/3/10 I_icon_minitimeThu May 06, 2010 2:24 am

Raw Results for 5/3/2010

On the first Raw after the WWE Draft, new arrivals looked to make themselves comfortable in their new home and put their brandmates on notice. Some succeeded, others failed. Tonight's Guest Host, Wayne Brady, found himself in the middle of the chaos, in more ways than he would've liked.

Batista came out to the ring, angry about many things: Angry about the fact he was only #1 contender and not the WWE Champion, AGAIN. Angry about losing to John Cena, AGAIN. Not only that, but he was angry at how he lost the match. At Extreme Rules, Cena and Batista faced off in a Last Man Standing Match, and when it occured to Cena that neither man would be put out for 10, Cena created an alternative to winning the match: Using duct tape to tie Batista's feet behind the ringpost, and prevent The Animal from making it to his feet before the 10 count. Batista disputed the conclusion of the match, then finally stopped complaining to announce a Beat the Clock Challenge. Batista would face The Miz, while Cena would face Chris Jericho. In this style of tournament, Cena and Batista would not only have to defeat their opponent, he would have to do it in a faster time than the other participant. The winner would get to name the stipulation for their WWE Championship match at the Over the Limit pay-per-view.

BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE: Batista def. Daniel Bryan in 5:03
Immediately after the announcement, Batista had his Beat the Clock challenge. However, it was not The Miz he would be facing. Due to the injury sustained by The Big Show's Knockout Punch, The Miz presented a doctor's note, not permitting him to compete. Taking his place would be his NXT Rookie, Daniel Bryan. Bryan was at a severe disadvantage, giving up size and experience to the former World Champion. Despite the disadvantage, Bryan actually lasted an impressive 5:06 before suffering a defeat, and three Batista Bombs to go with it.

John Morrison def. The Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase... TWICE
In recent weeks, DiBiase has been looking more and more like his father, despite the fact that he has been claiming to be nothing like The Million Dollar Man. He holds the Million Dollar Championship, and now he is looking for his equivalent to Virgil. In other words, he wants a man servant much like his father had in former WWE Superstar Virgil. Tonight, he had to face off against Raw draftee John Morrison. Morrison wanted to make a good first impression on Raw, so when DiBiase took the intentional countout to lose the match the easy way, Morrison refused to accept the result. He offered DiBiase a rematch with a stipulation: Should Morrison lose, he would become the Million Dollar Champion's Virgil. DiBiase took the bait, and ended up losing the rematch with Starship Pain. Furious over the loss, DiBiase attacked Morrison after the bell, R-Truth rushed to the ring in aid of his partner. DiBiase has also tried to recruit The Truth in the past, will we see more between these three Superstars?

BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE: John Cena def. Wade Barrett in 4:33
Originally slated to face John Cena, Chris Jericho opted not to face Cena, claiming it would be a waste of his time. HIS replacement: HIS NXT Rookie Wade Barrett. Throughout the match, it appeared that the bare-knuckle fighter would actually not only hold his own, but it appeared he would defeat the WWE Champion. Cena, however, would capitalize on Barrett's inexperience and make the #2 ranked Rookie tap out to the STF with :30 seconds left. There was no stipulation announced, however, as Sheamus rushed into the ring and assaulted Cena before a stipulation could be announced.

Maryse def. Nikki Bella
Earlier in the night, Maryse attacked Divas Champion Eve Torres during a photo shoot. Later on, she took on one half of the Bella Twins: Nikki. After defeating Nikki Bella in a rather quick outing, Maryse rubbed in the fact that she took out the Divas Champion. Eve immediately ran out to confront her bitter enemy, but they were separated by officials before anything physical could ensue.

Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder
With Rosa Mendes drafted away to SmackDown, Zack Ryder was, in his words, "single, and ready to mingle". With that, he brought Alicia Fox and Gail Kim out to the ring to watch his rematch against Primo, in hopes of impressing them. Guest Host Wayne Brady had other plans, however, and gave Ryder a more impressive opponent in the form of The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Despite a great effort by Zack Ryder, Mark Henry overpowered and defeated The Long Island Loudmouth. To add insult to injury, Henry walked out of the arena with the girls.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty def. William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov
Before the match, Chris Jericho and The Miz walked out to the ring to address their issues with The Big Show. Both men teamed with The Big Show in the past, both were knocked out by The Big Show, and both looked to send a message to The Big Show. As for the tag team match... Last week, The Hart Dynasty won their first titles in WWE and proved they were WWE's top tag team. Tonight, they faced their greatest challenge as champions so far: The diabolical William Regal, reunited with the Russian super-heavyweight Vladimir Kozlov. Regal and Kozlov were defeated by The Hart Dynasty after David Hart Smith locked the Sharpshooter onto William Regal to force the submission. Afterwards, DH Smith was hit with the Codebreaker and the Skull Crushing Finale by the former Tag Team Champions, all while Tyson Kidd was down and out outside the ring. Message sent.

Edge hosted The Cutting Edge - Special Guest: Randy Orton
A new era is coming to Monday Night Raw. An era that hasn't been seen in years. A Rated-R era. Despite the fact that WWE has taken a Rated PG direction since the last time Edge was on Monday nights, Edge was hell bent on living up to his moniker. What a better way then to bring The Cutting Edge back to live WWE television? Wayne Brady first came out, and wanted to feel the moment of being a WWE Superstar, and Edge happily obliged. When it was time for Randy Orton to make his appearance, he was immediately approached by The Master Manipulator. Edge claimed that the Spear toward Orton last week was nothing personal, and that they should team up and reform Rated RKO. Orton declined, instead opting to RKO both Wayne Brady, AND Edge! A new era may be coming, but it doesn't seem to be Rated-R, it seems to be an Age of Orton.
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Raw Results for 5/3/10
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