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 NXT Results for 5/4/10

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PostSubject: NXT Results for 5/4/10   NXT Results for 5/4/10 I_icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 3:47 pm

NXT Results for 5/4/2010

With the first NXT elimination next week, this week saw the Obstacle Course Challenge, one Rookie earning immunity, one Rookie gaining a first victory, while another Rookie remained winless, and one cocky Rookie taking on his own Pro.

Michael Tarver def. Daniel Bryan
The only winless NXT Rookies, Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver, met for the first time on Tuesday. Tarver finally earned his first victory over Bryan, who was noticeably ailing from the beating he took by Batista on Raw last night. To add insult to injury, or... injury to injury, Bryan also received a Backstabber by Tarver’s WWE Pro, Carlito, as The Miz simply looked on.

CM Punk confronts Darren Young
During last weeks "Seal the Deal" Challenge, Darren Young shouted out to the crowd saying he wanted to face CM Punk, claiming he was... sick of this. When asked by Punk, Young explained himself by saying he simply wanted to make an impact. While The Second City Saint seemed OK with Young wanting to be noticed, he also made it clear that it wouldn't happen it his expense.

R-Truth def. David "A-List" Otunga
During that same NXT Challenge last week, it was Otunga who won the contest, and chose to face his own WWE Pro this week. In a match that started out with the Rookie taking control, the match ended with a great counter by R-Truth leading to the Lie Detector, and the 3 count. How will this affect Otunga, considering the first NXT elimination is next week?

Justin Gabriel won the Obstacle Course Challenge
With a time of 1:29, Gabriel won the Obstacle Course Challenge. Having won, he will recieve an Immunity Pass. This Immunity Pass will grant an NXT Rookie salvation should he rank last in the Pros Poll. However, considering Gabriel's decent NXT run so far, he may not need it next week. Afterwards, the Rookies were given one last chance to speak their minds before elimination week. One topic of discussion was on who the Rookies think should be eliminated, and in the style of Survivor, many voted Michael Tarver off the island. One who had a different opinion, was Daniel Bryan. Seeming to have lost his confidence due to being 0-10, having no support from his WWE Pro, and not winning any challenges, Bryan felt he should be eliminated. At the end of the Rookie forum, a browl broke out between Darren Young and Wade Barrett. Will we see more from these two next week? And who will be eliminated??

Keep in mind, next week is only the beginning. For the next four weeks, the last place Rookie will be eliminated from NXT until only 4 remain. Then, we will see the finale unfold.
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NXT Results for 5/4/10
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