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 Superstars Results for 5/6/10

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Superstars Results for 5/6/2010

This week's edition of WWE Superstars saw former tag team partners facing off with each other. While many of these former partners beat each other down decisively, one team, particularly a pair of brothers, reunited.

Carlito vs. Primo ended in a no contest
Almost a year ago, The Colón Brothers disbanded after the loss of the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship put a fracture in their relationship. In an impressive contest, it seemed that Carlito was going to finish his brother off with the Back Stabber. Unexpectedly, he stopped the match, claiming that it was wrong for them to fight each other, and for the fans to cheer for it. He protested that his brother stopped caring about the WWE Universe, claiming that they don't care about either of the Colón brothers. He asked Primo to help bury the hatchet and reunite as a team. Primo accepted the notion of reuniting with his brother, much to the dismay of NXT Rookie Michael Tarver.

Chris Masters def. Chavo Guerrero
The Mexican Warrior and The Masterpiece were a short lived team on Raw in 2009, until Masters defended Eve Torres and Hornswoggle from Guerrero. Tonight, the former pair, now SmackDown Superstars, went at it on Superstars. Guerrero may have thought that a new start on a new brand would mean better luck than his previous history on Raw. This proved to not be the case, as Masters defeated Chavito with The Master Lock.

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix def. Rosa Mendes
For some time in 2008, Beth Phoenix, then a Raw Diva and Women's Champion at the time, brought Rosa Mendes in as an intern. They teamed together, with Phoenix mentoring Mendes and teaching her all she could. Eventually, they went their own ways. Now, with both Divas on SmackDown, they faced off on Superstars. Prior to the match, Mendes spoke out to her Latin WWE fans and claimed that she is a future champion, and The Glamazon will not be one for much longer. The cocky Rosa Mendes slapped Beth Phoenix in the face and talked some trash, looking to make an impression on her former mentor. Despite some fight by Mendes, and an injury to the knee of Phoenix, it was The Fabulous Firebird who use finesse, instead of her trademark power, to pick up the win.

Shad Gaspard def. JTG
Just over a month ago, they seemed inseperable. They were Shad & JTG. They were "Brooklyn's Finest". They were Cryme Tyme. After being eliminated in the 26-Man Battle Royal at WrestleMania by JTG, and losing a quick tag team match to Morrison and R-Truth, Shad Gaspard couldn't take it anymore. He took his frustrations out on JTG and claimed that there is no more Cryme Tyme, there is simply "My Tyme". At Extreme Rules, Gaspard lost to JTG in a Strap Match after JTG used his street smarts to overcome his larger adversary. Tonight, in the rematch, it was the thug, Shad Gaspard, who took a win over his flashy counterpart, JTG.
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Superstars Results for 5/6/10
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