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 Friday Night SmackDown results for 5/7/10

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Friday Night SmackDown results for 5/7/10 Empty
PostSubject: Friday Night SmackDown results for 5/7/10   Friday Night SmackDown results for 5/7/10 I_icon_minitimeSat May 08, 2010 1:11 am

This week's SmackDown saw Drew McIntyre suddenly stripped of the Intercontinental Title and fired, Matt Hardy put back onto the shelf for even longer, a tournament to determine a NEW I.C. Champion, and a message to the World Heavyweight Champion so strong, it broke the announce table.

Matt Hardy started the show, coming out to the ring to address the issues he has had with Drew McIntyre in past weeks, including a severe head injury caused by a stomp to Hardy's skull onto the steel steps, and continuous attacks to Hardy afterwards. Hardy, who clearly had no regard for his well being, called out the Intercontinental Champion to make him go away. McIntyre eagerly answered the challenge, only to be beat down by Hardy. After referees tried to pull Hardy away, McIntyre took advantage and retaliated, causing further injury with multiple attacks to the head, including slamming Matt Hardy's skull into the outside barricade. Eventually, it got so heated that SmackDown GM Theodore Long had to come out to try to break it up. He did everything he could: He warned him, he then suspended him, and stripped him of his Intercontinental Championship. When McIntyre still wouldn't stop, The General Manager finally had no choice but to fire the self-proclaimed "Chosen One". He was then forced out by security. Later, when asked by Josh Matthews about Matt Hardy's condition, Drew McIntyre's behavior, and the future of the Intercontinental Championship, Long only seemed shaken... saying he simply did not know at the moment.

MVP def. Luke Gallows
Since coming to SmackDown, MVP has made it his personal mission to shut up the Straight Edge Society. Last week in his debut, he teamed with Mysterio and together they defeated the Straight Edge Society with a 619-305 combination. Tonight, MVP faced off against the "Detoxified Disciple", Luke Gallows. It was a back and forth match, and with help from Serena, it seemed that Gallows would take away the win. All of a sudden, Mysterio came out of nowhere and created a distraction by attacking CM Punk and taking off back into the crowd. MVP took advantage, hitting the 305 and picking up the victory. He is now 2-0 since returning to the blue brand. After the match, CM Punk called Mysterio a coward, and called him out. Mysterio answered the request and The Master of the 619 responded to Punk, claiming that the SES was simply the pot that was calling the kettle black. This of course, a reference to all of the heinous acts that they committed to Punk in the past few months, compared to the actions Rey-Rey took tonight. When asked about the masked man with the SES hoodie attacking Mysterio in the past, Punk claimed he knew nothing, stating that Mysterio was placing blame on others instead of taking responsibility. Mysterio then revealed why he wanted Punk's attention. Both have put stipulations on the line in their past two matches, (Mysterio joining the SES if he lost @ WrestleMania, and CM Punk losing his hair if he lost @ Extreme Rules) and both have prevented the stipulations from coming to fruition, and were 1-1 against each other. Mysterio proposed that they face off one more time at Over the Limit, with both repercussions in effect for whoever loses. At Over the Limit, something WILL give, one way, or the other. Also, with the seeds of doubt Mysterio planted into the heads of Gallows and Serena about Punk's leadership, could that play into the pay-per-view showdown?

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Kelly Kelly & Tiffany
24 hours ago on WWE Superstars, Team LayCool continued their bullying ways towards Kelly Kelly, until it was broken up by Tiffany and Beth Phoenix. Tonight, the good hearted duo of Kelly and Tiffany took on the snobbish Diva duo, unfortunately coming up short to the team who proclaimed themselves to be "Simply Flawless" after Layla connected with the Lay-out.

Prior to the match, Theodore Long announced the solution to the Intercontinental Championship issue: a 4-man tournament to decide the new champion. The first match would be SmackDown draftee Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, and the second match would see fellow draftees Christian vs. Cody Rhodes. A former Intercontinental Champion, Kingston brought the BOOM and won the match with the Trouble in Paradise after breaking Ziggler's devastating Sleeper Hold.

To conclude the semi-finals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Captain Charisma, with his NXT Rookie Heath Slater at his side, took on "The Uncommon Son of a Common Man" Cody Rhodes. With experience far on the side of Christian, Rhodes was at a disadvantage. He didn't let it stop him from putting a good effort. It was not enough, however, as Christian pulled the Killswitch for the victory. Next week, it will be two Raw-turned-SmackDown contenders battling in the finals to determine the new Intercontinental Champion.

Kane def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger via DQ
Before the match, Jack Swagger took the time to make another Championship Address, even droning on through the commercial break. Before the blowhard could finish, he was interrupted yet again! This time, not by Theodore Long, nor by Big Show. It was his opponent tonight: Kane! The Big Red Monster could honestly care less about Swagger's accomplishments, and he made that clear from the get-go. This match gave Swagger a preview of Over the Limit, as tonight, he faced a destructive opponent similar in size and power to the Big Show. Early on in the match, the #1 contender, Big Show, come out to the ring to interrupt the momentum of the match. Swagger, however, took advantage of the distraction. It didn't last long, as The Big Red Machine used his power to dominate much of the match. Swagger did bring a good fight to Kane, using his amateur background to his advantage. After escaping the deadly choke slam, Swagger used an exposed turnbuckle to bring Kane to his knees, and bring an abrupt end to the match by way of disqualification. It didn't end there, however, as Swagger continued his assault on Kane to send a message to The World's Largest Athlete. Former World Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane, however, had a message of their own for the All-American American, in the form of an assault started by Kane, and ended by the Big Show in the form of a choke slam through the announce table.
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Friday Night SmackDown results for 5/7/10
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