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 Skip Sheffield

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PostSubject: Skip Sheffield   Skip Sheffield I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 03, 2010 12:10 am

Skip Sheffield
From: College Station, Texas
Wt: 270 lbs
WWE Debut: February 23rd, 2010
Signature Moves: Lariat; Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holder

Skip Sheffield is fast, strong, and skilled in the ring, and he has every tool necessary to become a success in the WWE. In order to become that success, he needed to win WWE NXT. To do that, he needed all the help he could get from his legendary WWE Pro: the world-renowned William Regal. Sheffield, however, did not listen to his Pro as much as he should have. Perhaps not out of dislike for his Pro, but merely the over-excitement of being in the WWE, Sheffield disregarded his Pro's advice and went head first into the competition. In the end, his negligence did him in, and he was eliminated on the first elimination round of NXT. When asked what he thought of losing, he blamed himself, and said that the fans haven't seen the last of Skip Sheffield.

Indeed they had not. Soon after the conclusion of Season One of NXT, Sheffield, along with NXT winner Wade Barrett, as well as the other NXT Season One Rookies formed The Nexus. Their goal was simple: to get WWE contracts and dominate the WWE. From John Cena and Bret Hart, to Ricky Steamboat and Mr. McMahon, no one was safe, because when someone was in the path of The Nexus, one thing they could expect in their future was the devestating lariat from the powerhouse that is Skip Sheffield.

Eventually, fate would play a cruel hand to Sheffield as he suffered a compound fracture of his ankle, forcing him out of action. While it is safe to say that he is gone for now, one can only wonder when he will return.
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Skip Sheffield
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