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 NXT Results for 4/6/10

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PostSubject: NXT Results for 4/6/10   NXT Results for 4/6/10 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 1:00 am

NXT Results for 4/6/2010

Last week, the Pros Poll was conducted, and the "Internet darling" Daniel Bryan was ranked #1 on NXT. Darren Young, was ranked last. Tonight, the results of the WWE Universe poll was revealed, and just like the Pros, the fans felt that Daniel Bryan was #1 on NXT. In 5 weeks, the Rookies will be evalutaed AGAIN, but this time, and every week there after, the last place Rookie would be eliminated from NXT competition.

Matt Striker brought the Rookies out to start the show. He said from here on, not only would the Rookies compete in matches, BUT they will also be tested in challenges that will make them prove they are physically and mentally capable of being WWE Superstars. This week's challenge: The Keg Carrying Challenge. To win, a Rookie must carry the 160 lb keg around the ring and back up to the line on the entrance ramp in the fastest time. Heath Slater won with a time of 12 seconds. His reward? A main event match that night.... against Kane! Meanwhile, a frustrated Skip Sheffield, who finished 2nd with a time of 12.4 seconds, claimed the challenge was fixed, and said he is a nice guy no more.

Darren Young def. Daniel Bryan
It was a match of last place vs 1st place. It was a match Darren Young claimed he wanted. Young needed to prove himself. He did just that. In a hard fought match against the more experienced Daniel Bryan, Darren Young persevered and won the match. The winless #1 Rookie fell to 0-7, while Darren Young moved up to 4-2.

Justin Gabriel def. Michael Tarver
Tarver was #7 on the Pros Poll, and winless on NXT. He claimed he deserved to be the next breakout star in WWE. But if this is true, he needs to quickly prove himself. Tonight, however, wasn't an example of that. In a match against the ever popular Justin Gabriel, Tarver was defeated by a 450 splash, and fell to 0-5, while Gabriel moves up to 4-2.

Wade Barrett def. David "A-List" Otunga
Wade Barrett is certainly worthy of his #2 spot on the Pros Poll. In fact, with his constant impressive performances, he probably should be #1. He further cemented this opinion when he took on the man now formally known as David "A-List" Otunga. Otunga, who may also be a promising possiblity for WWE's next breakout star, put up a good fight against the collosus Barrett. However, it was the Manchester, England native who picked up the win against "Mr. NXT"

Kane def. Heath Slater
Heath Slater never stood a chance. If 8 NXT Rookies couldn't keep Kane down last Friday, how could he defeat Kane alone tonight? In any case, this was his unenviable task. Kudos to Slater however, he didn't show fear and stood up to the insurmountable monster. At one point, it even seemed that the "One-Man Rock Band" had Kane beat. But all it took was a well placed chokeslam by the Big Red Machine to fell the fiery Rookie. Despite the loss, this match will certainly go a long way in deciding Heath Slater's fate on NXT.
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NXT Results for 4/6/10
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