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 Mr. McMahon

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The Chairman

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PostSubject: Mr. McMahon   Mr. McMahon I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 5:09 am

Mr. McMahon
From: Greenwich, Connecticut
Wt: 248 lbs

He is the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment. He is the boss. He is the final, and only true say in WWE. But if that wasn't enough for Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon's ego, he also holds a Royal Rumble victory and two World Titles. Nothing, however, will ever be enough for The Chairman, as he will always throw his power around and rub anyone and everyone any way he wants, and will even fire anybody he wants. As past moments with The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Donald Trump, Randy Orton, and Bret Hart will indicate, this doesn't always end well for Mr. McMahon. Despite this, nothing will stop the insatiable ego of Mr. McMahon. Though we haven't seen the evil boss since WrestleMania XXVI, one can assume it is only a matter of time before someone on the roster has "No Chance in Hell."

Career Highlights:
WWE Champion (1 time)
ECW Champion (1 time)
Royal Rumble (1999)
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Mr. McMahon
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