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PostSubject: Batista   Batista I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 6:29 am

From: Washington D.C.
Wt: 290 lbs
WWE Debut: May 9th, 2002
Signature Move: Batista Bomb

Standing at 6'6", weighing almost 300 pounds, having grown up from the streets of Washington D.C., and having worked as a bouncer before pursuing a career as a WWE Superstar, The Animal is, no doubt, a dangerous man worthy of his moniker. He started his path in the WCW Power Plant, where the head trainer told him that he would never make it in sports entertainment. Today, after not only making it in WWE, and becoming a multi-time World Champion, he has become the lead cause of head scratching among former WCW officials. This led to Batista redesigning his entire body, and his outlook on sports entertainment.

He then made his WWE debut in 2002, making an impact on SmackDown as a bodyguard for Reverend D-Von. After finding that standing behind D-Von was getting him nowhere, he moved to Raw and began studying under the tutelage of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. He later joined Triple H, Flair, and Randy Orton and together, they formed Evolution. Along with Orton, Batista took everything he could learn from The Game and the 16-time World Champion and achieved championship stardom. His most memorable moment in Evolution was 2003, where he forever etched his name into history by winning the World Tag Team Championship alongside his legendary mentor, Ric Flair. He would continue to play bodyguard for Evolution until 2005, when he won the Royal Rumble and challenged his leader, Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship. At WrestleMania 21, he won the title, and even defeated his former leader twice more. After being traded to SmackDown, he continued to hold the title for almost a year before losing it to injury.

After returning, he would go straight back to his winning ways, pursuing and winning World Titles over the next couple years. In June 2008, he was drafted to Raw and would continue domination until being plagued by back-to-back injuries, both at the hands of his former Evolution partner, Randy Orton. He would exact his revenge in September 2009 in a No Holds Barred match against The Viper, before leaving Raw to go back to SmackDown.

Since then, Batista had quite the new attitude. He claimed that he no longer cared for the fans or his friends, even betraying his "hermano" Rey Mysterio at Bragging Rights and tormenting him throughout the rest of 2009. He went into 2010 defeating John Cena at Elimination Chamber after Cena had won the title in the namesake match. Although he lost the title at WrestleMania, he would continue to chase Cena for the gold, bearing the attitude of "being here to win championships and make money, nothing else". Eventually, The Animal had had enough of feeling humiliated, and quit the WWE.

Career Highlights:
WWE Champion (2 times)
World Heavyweight Champion (4 times)
World Tag Team Champion (3 times: w/Ric Flair 2x, w/John Cena 1x)
WWE Tag Team Champion (1 time: w/Rey Mysterio)
Royal Rumble (2005)
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