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 Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/16/10

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Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/16/10 Empty
PostSubject: Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/16/10   Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/16/10 I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 3:49 pm

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 4/16/2010

Tonight, we saw the World Heavyweight Championship match that, for all intents and purposes, should be on the Extreme Rules PPV. We also saw a slightly larger Straight Edge Society in action, and more.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. Kane via DQ (Non-Title)
Drew McIntyre could sense defeat, so he attempted to make a retreat in his match against the Big Red Machine, another rival, Matt Hardy, brought him back into the ring to face Kane. The referee, however, saw it differently and ruled the match as a disqualification. Kane, perhaps angry with his loss, chokeslammed both Hardy and McIntyre.

Dolph Ziggler def. R-Truth
After making a "sincere" apology for putting Josh Matthews in the sleeper hold last week, he faced R-Truth. Truth said Ziggler has no heart or soul. In the end, heart and soul or not, Ziggler won the match with the very same submission maneuver.

Women's Champion Michelle McCool def. Mickie James (Non-Title)
Mickie James has had quite the personal issues with Team LayCool lately. This week, the night belonged to the Women's Champion, as she beat Mickie James after a "Simply Flawless" boot to the head. Afterwards, she attempted to continue the beating after the bell. Luckily for James, The Glamazon chased the snobbish champion and her clique away.

Rey Mysterio & The Hart Dynasty def. CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Darren Young
After defeating Luke Gallows on NXT, Rookie Darren Young may have earned some respect from his mentor, CM Punk. Tonight, Young teamed with his Straight Edge Society partners against the team of The Hart Dynasty and the high-flying Rey Mysterio. The incomparable trio of Mysterio and the next-gen Hart duo were too much for CM Punk's team and walked away with the victory. Could this be a preview of Extreme Rules? Will Punk lose his hair?

JTG def. Caylen Croft
Former Cryme Tyme member JTG faced one half of the Dudebusters this week on SmackDown. Cylen Croft was impressive, but he simply didn't match up to Brooklyn's finest. After the match, J's former partner Shad Gaspard ran into the ring for another assault. This time, however, JTG was able to finally fight back, and he quickly sent the bigger Gaspard running.

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. Edge & Chris Jericho (Triple Threat Title Match)
Edge and Jericho both got the match they wanted tonight, in a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match. From the beginning onward, Swagger and Jericho teamed up on Edge for most of the match. Things broke down, however, and after Swagger was sent to the outside, it turned into Edge vs. Jericho. Edge was on the cusp of winning after he countered Chris Jericho's attempt at a Spear and connected with the real Spear. Swagger was not out of the fight, however, as he knocked Edge out of the picture and took advantage for the win, much in the same fashion as when he cashed in Money in the Bank to win the title in the first place. After all was said and done, “The All-American American” hit the war torn Edge with a post-match Gutwrentch Powerbomb. Then, as the World Champ made his exit from the ring, Jericho reentered and proceeded to brutalize Edge’s previously injured ankle while it was trapped inside the steel ring steps.
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Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/16/10
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