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 Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/23/10

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Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/23/10 Empty
PostSubject: Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/23/10   Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/23/10 I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 26, 2010 2:03 am

Friday Night SmackDown Results for 4/23/2010

With two days before Extreme Rules, John Morrison had a chance to prove himself against the World Heavyweight Champion, Team LayCool took on Beth Phoenix and Mickie James in James' last match, and we saw a couple Extreme previews.

John Morrison def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (Non-Title)
Before the match, Jack Swagger said that he is on a roll. Last week, he defeated two future first ballot WWE Hall of Famers: Edge a nine-time World Champion, and Chris Jericho, the man who calls himself the best at what he does. Swagger said that makes him the best now. Then on Monday, he "dominated" the Undertaker like no other WWE Superstar has been able to do. Swagger said that it is what is expected when you are the greatest natural competitor in the WWE. He then showed a... somewhat... biased video package of this match against The Undertaker. He then made his intentions to be a permanent member of the SmackDown roster, andto defeat Randy Orton and retain his title. Morrison then came out and the match was underway. The match was a great back and forth contest, and saw Swagger nearly win with the Gutwrench Powerbomb, only Morrison was too close to the ropes. The Friday Night Delight then turned it around and hit Starship Pain to win.

Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. R-Truth and Matt Hardy via Referee Stoppage
Ziggler and McIntyre have had history with R-Truth and Matt Hardy in the past... and tonight, both pairs teamed up to take on common enemies. This match couldn't have gone worse for Hardy, as it ended after a stomp to the head on the steel steps by McIntyre. The referee was forced to stop the match, despite Hardy's resolve. Once again, McIntyre has made a devastating impact on his bitter rival. Will this continue? Better yet, will we see Matt Hardy back any time soon?

Chris Jericho and his NXT Rookie Wade Barrett entered the Steel Cage two days early, looking to send a message to Edge. Jericho said he was going to end Edge’s career on Sunday. The confident Jericho then went off talking about how he was going to win the match, and said that Edge had no way to win due to his foot injury. He then went on to say that the next night, Edge would be "drafted" back to the hospital, this time for good. Finally, Edge came out to the cage, having heard enough. After poking fun at Jericho's loss to Heath Slater earlier this week on NXT, he made his intentions to spear Jericho at Extreme Rules, and to spear him right there also. He then mounted an attack on Jericho and Barrett, and did just fine until Jericho clipped his ankle. The Rated-R Superstar, however, fought back and fought off his attackers. Jericho bailed from the cage locking the door, WITH Barrett inside!! Despite pleas from Barrett to open the door, Jericho kept his distance. His Rookie, however, paid for it with a Spear. Will this be a similar story on Sunday?

Rey Mysterio & The Hart Dynasty def. CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Darren Young
After defeating Luke Gallows on NXT, Rookie Darren Young may have earned some respect from his mentor, CM Punk. Tonight, Young teamed with his Straight Edge Society partners against the team of The Hart Dynasty and the high-flying Rey Mysterio. The incomparable trio of Mysterio and the next-gen Hart duo were too much for CM Punk's team and walked away with the victory. Could this be a preview of Extreme Rules? Will Punk lose his hair?

JTG def. Mike Knox
So far, JTG has proven that he is capable of holding his own without Shad Gaspard. Tonight, he chose to face the larger Mike Knox to prepare for facing a larger opponent in Shad Gaspard at Extreme Rules. He was getting beat down in the early going, only to turn it around instantly with his signature swinging neckbreaker finisher. Shad then entered the ring and ambushed JTG with the same strap that will bind them both by the arms in their strap match at Extreme Rules.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Beth Phoenix & Mickie James
Before the match, the upcoming Extreme Makeover match for the Women's Championship was announced. This match was a preview pitting one pair of snobbish Divas against another pair of rivals with common enemies. Team LayCool won this match, but it was actually Layla, who scored a pin over Mickie James. After the match, Michelle attacked Beth while Layla sent Mickie to the floor. Team LayCool then sent Beth Phoenix through an ironing board, and then proceeded to give the Glamazon an unwanted makeover.

CM Punk & Luke Gallows def. Rey Mysterio & Kane
With a hand-picked partner in Kane in his corner, Rey Mysterio looked poised to build momentum towards Extreme Rules, and he seemed poised to shave Punk's head. However, when the match boiled down to Mysterio and Punk, it was a matter of CM Punk outwrestling the high-flying Mysterio and picking up the victory. After the match, Punk attacked Rey, but the Master of The 619 countered and sent Punk outside into the barber's chair sitting outside the ring. Mysterio then went for the clippers, but Serena intervened and saved her savior's coveted locks. Will Punk keep his hair this Sunday after his match with Mysterio?
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Friday Night SmackDown results for 4/23/10
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